Vivica Group, formerly Vox, buys IoT specialist Activate

Jacques du Toit

Vivica Group, through its Guardian Eye subsidiary, has acquired internet of things (IoT) specialist Activate Group as part of a plan to accelerate the deployment of IoT technologies in South Africa.

Vivica, formerly known as Vox, announced the deal on Wednesday. The value of the transaction was not disclosed by the privately held Vivica.

Activate Group was founded in 2011 and offers an IoT platform, devices and several types of connectivity for a broad range of applications, Vivica said in a statement.

“Vox has had a relationship with Activate since 2018 when it selected the company’s IoT platform to power its own offerings,” it said.

“We have had a relationship for four years already and it was time to ‘take it to the next level’,” said Vivica Group CEO Jacques du Toit in the statement.

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Activate Group will now fall under Guardian Eye, which offers cloud-based access control, visitor management, CCTV security, integrated IoT applications, real-time monitoring and analytics.

Activate founder Rodney Taylor said bringing together the businesses made sense as a growing number of IoT applications have to do with security, monitoring and tracking.

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Guardian Eye will remain the primary brand as it is more well-known in the market. Within Guardian Eye, Activate will focus on providing IoT solutions to the healthcare, retail and logistics sectors.  – © 2022 NewsCentral Media

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