OPINION: Africa is my business

Nomathamsanqa Ashom is the Director at Ngubane & Co. Image: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG – Humanisation is defined as “to portray or endow with human characteristics or attributes; make human.”
What is the connection between humanisation and Africanism of business? Businesses are started and supported by people, so it is  only fitting that business is humanised.
Humanisation of business requires that business conduct market research on what customers need are to obtain absolute clarity until satisfaction of the need is satisfied. Business pays special attention to its evolving surroundings, the effect of industrial revolution and responding with pre-emptive solutions.
That in essence would mean that business is conscious of how its success lies with their reason for existence. 
This has a direct link to African culture that has transcended from country to country in our beautiful continent, Africa. The awareness of people, “I am because you are,” ignites a sense of servanthood that does not see language, borders and ethnicity as a barrier.  
Since time immemorial, business was done without money; the medium of exchange was the underlying good (goodwill). “Your potatoes for my tomatoes”– it is called “trade by barter”. People were always connected and in tune with each other and their environment.
We have evolved at a lot from those days, but being connected and in tune with your environment is still very much a necessity. This results in a corporate strategy that is aligned with people and the environment. 
On this Africa Day 2018, in line with the originating theme of unity, we should reflect on the commonality in our diversity and our humanity. We might also consider the possibility of letting this beam in our way of doing business as well as our way of doing life.
The human factor makes Africa and Africans unique – Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.
Usuku oluhle ma Afrika (IsiZulu)
Mufaro Wezuva re Africa (Shona)
Thabela Afrika letsatsi (IsiSotho)
Happy Africa Day (English)
Afrika usuku (IsiXhosa)
Furaha Afrika siku (Kiswahili)
Obi ụtọ africa ụbọchị (Igbo)
Gelukkige afrika dag ( Afrikaans)
Nomathamsanqa Ashom is the Director at Ngubane & Co.
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