Part 3: Trading education in real time

What is Live Education?

The XM team introduces three livestream rooms – XM Live Room, the English Beginner Room, and the English Advanced Room – where viewers can enjoy nine LIVE hours of trading activity and super valuable discussions on the market by 15 trading experts from all over the world every day.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a ‘newbie’ or an experienced trader, these rooms are formed in such a way that you will be learning, regardless of your trading experience.

This livestream session will take place on Thursday, 23 March at 15h00 with MoneywebNOW’s host, Simon Brown.

Guests will include Marios Hadjikyriakos from XM as well as trading expert Marcin Nowogórski. 

You can register for this livestream here.


More on the guests:

Marios Hadjikyriakos
XM, senior investment analyst

Marios Hadjikyriakos has been part of the XM Research division since 2017. Prior to that, he provided financial analysis, reporting, and consulting services to one of the largest financial services firms in Cyprus. He specialises in identifying and forecasting trends in the forex, commodity, and equity markets, predominantly using fundamental analysis.

Besides being an active commentator on the financial markets, Hadjikyriakos is also a participant in the CFA programme and a keen follower of developments in behavioural finance.

Marcin Nowogórski
Trading expert 

A highly experienced price action trader, Marcin Nowogórski started trading index futures and options in 2009 and then went on to full-time forex trading in 2011. His approach focuses on both technical and fundamental strategies and since 2013 he has been professionally involved in financial journalism and business development in the trading industry.

In his trading, Nowogórski runs short-, medium-, and long-term portfolios based on combined technical and fundamental approaches relevant to the respective time frame. He is particularly interested in trading psychology and probability assessment, paying close attention to both chart patterns and the monetary policy of central banks.

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