PODCAST | Satrix takes the lid off two new ETFs

First is the Satrix JSE Global Equity ETF, which Williams says “will provide an alternative option for investors who want to diversify their local equity portfolios and incorporate higher exposure towards rand-hedge stocks, particularly in light of the upcoming harmonisation of the FTSE/JSE benchmark indices (ALSI and SWIX) in March 2024”.

ETFs and other passive forms of investing have gained in popularity in recent decades. Popularised by US fund manager Vanguard, founded by businessman John C Bogle, ETFs are a type of security that can track an index, sector, commodity or other assets. These securities can be bought and sold on the stock exchange like any other stock.

Satrix will also list its MSCI ACWI Feeder ETF, meant to offer investors access to a diversified global equity index, offering exposure to over 2,900 companies from developed and emerging markets. 

Topics of discussion include: the state of ETFs in 2024; Satrix’s decision to list two new funds; and factors currently affecting investment decisions

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Source: businesslive.co.za