WATCH: Covid-19 share shoot-out, US edition

We’re in the midst of US earnings season, so the focus is on US listed investment instruments. Offshore assets are a critical component of a balanced investment portfolio. The reasons are straightforward. Investing internationally provides diversification and access to companies and industries you can’t find locally.

SA is but a tiny market accounting for a mere 1% of global GDP — offshore investments give investors access to opportunities in the other 99%. US Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell’s comments came before US President Joe Biden’s unveiling of a sweeping package for families and education in his first speech to Congress.

Biden’s speech hit the high points — big infrastructure spend, climate action and vaccines. The Fed remains dovish, so all still very supportive for risk assets.

Michael Avery spoke to Caroline Cremen, CFA, portfolio manager at Adviceworx; Petri Redelinghuys, founder of Herenya Capital Advisors; and Iva Madjarova, Sygnia’s head of investment consulting and Itrix, about their picks to access the US market.