WATCH: Stock picks — Kumba Iron-ore and Roku

David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities chose Kumba Iron-ore as his stock pick of the day, and Gary Booysen from Rand Swiss chose Roku.

Shapiro said: “I’m going to go for Kumba, I look at the iron-ore prices daily I see it’s at around about 220 and everybody tells me it’s going back to 65 and I’ve been waiting for about four years for it to go back to 65. I think maybe analysts are being a bit to bearish. Eeven if iron-ore does come down, I don’t see it going back to the 65 level.”

Booysen said: “The stock I’m going for is Roku. They run operating systems for TV and are the number one operator on US TVs. They’ve just moved into Canada and are moving into Mexico as well. They’re number one in the Canadian market and it’s a very interesting business and it’s up over 1,500% over the last five years.”