Eskom intensifies load shedding to Stage 4

Eskom says a sudden tripping of three generation units at Kendal Power Station on Tuesday morning has necessitated the move to Stage 4 load shedding from 10:00 on Tuesday until 05:00 on Thursday morning.

The power utility says the unit trips at Kendal have seen a loss of 1 920 megawatts (MW) from the power grid.

On Sunday the utility released a schedule detailing how power cuts will be implemented for the rest of the week. According to that schedule, Thursday was supposed to see an easing of load shedding to at least Stage 2, with this remaining the case until Friday evening.

At the time the power utility reassured consumers that it was making sufficient progress in replenishing its emergency reserves, but recent news from the utility may suggest otherwise.

The state-owned company says it will release a more detailed statement on its latest decision in due course.


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