NRCS urges recall of Econo Cement nationwide due to safety concerns

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The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) has recalled Econo Cement CEM V/A S-V 32,5N, from all distributors and retail outlets across South Africa.

The regulator conducted tests and investigations into the product after it received complaints from South Africans.

NRCS says the product has failed to meet the minimum requirements for the prescribed strength of cement as set out in the Compulsory Specification for cement.

“The NRCS has recalled the product after it was discovered that it is substandard as it has failed to meet the requirements of Compulsory Specifications for Cement. The move to recall the product followed intensive investigations by the NRCS which included sampling and testing to determine the suitability of the cement offered for sale in South Africa. It’s been revealed that the product is sub-standard.”

NRCS urges Econo Cement to recall its products over safety concerns: Dr Duncan Mutengwe

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NRCS Acting CEO Dr Duncan Mutengwe says the recall is to ensure that the product does not pose a risk to consumers and the South African economy at large.

“The move to call the product follows intense investigations by the national regulator, This includes sampling and testing to ascertain the suitability of the cement to be offered for sale in SA. Econo Cement has failed to meet the minimum requirements for the prescribed strength. The product is substandard as it has failed to meet the requirements for specifications.”

The NRCS has urged anyone in possession of Econo Cement to return it to their supplies immediately. Mutengwe says they are calling on all hardware stores to stop selling the product.

“The manufacturers’ letter of authority which permits the sale of the product has been withdrawn. The NRCS will be confiscating all stock found in the chain of trade. We are calling on consumers not to buy the Econo Cement CEM V/A S-V 32,5N and to report it to NRCS. All distributors in possession of Econo Cement should return it to their suppliers.”

NRCS Inspections Manager, Rhoda Masupye, says the risk of using cement that does not meet quality standards during the building process, could result in the collapse of structures.

Masupye says lives could be at risk. “Cement is a high-risk product, it goes into construction, different buildings, the roads, be it a small structure, big structure, it can be malls. The risk is that the cement as a key product is failing, it might lead to fatalities, and the buildings may collapse. The roads may cause sinkholes on the roads that we travel. Recently you can see, as a country, we are experiencing earthquakes.”

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