Water shortages force closure of businesses in Kimberley

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The ongoing water crisis in Kimberley, Northern Cape, has led to the closure of numerous businesses, raising concerns from the Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nocci).

The Sol Plaatje municipality, grappling with persistent water supply issues for years, has been implementing frequent water shutdowns, affecting residents and businesses alike.

Eateries, guest houses, and hair salons are among the establishments forced to shut down due to their inability to operate during water shortages.

Dudley Dally, the President of Nocci, highlighted the severe impact on businesses, emphasizing that many enterprises, particularly in the food and hair care sectors, cannot function without a reliable water supply. The municipality’s water shutdowns, lasting for extended periods, have left businesses inoperable, resulting in financial losses and job layoffs.

Nocci expressed deep concern about the economic repercussions, emphasizing the loss of income for entrepreneurs’ families and the unfortunate unemployment of many workers. Dally voiced skepticism about the municipality’s ability to resolve the water crisis, anticipating continued shutdowns in the coming year. He stressed the need for transparency from authorities regarding the water supply challenges.

In response, the Sol Plaatje Municipality announced plans to allocate R104 million to address water challenges in the city.

Thabo Mothibi, the municipality spokesperson, outlines plans for upgrades and repairs to the water pipeline from the treatment plant to Kimberley to address leaks.

However, despite these assurances, the Chamber of Commerce advised businesses to prepare for potential extended water shortages in the future.

Source: SABC News (sabcnews.com)