7 WordPress trends to watch in 2024

In 2024 WordPress website aesthetics will take a back seat, with website functionality and user-experience (UX) running the show. As a result, developers and WordPress Hosting providers will be aligning with these and other emerging business trends to meet customer expectations in the coming year.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) features

The pervasive influence of AI is transforming WordPress, bringing forth AI plugins, predictive analytics, and intelligent solutions to enhance user experiences. Developers are expected to roll out more AI-driven plugins in the coming year, contributing value and interactivity to websites.

2. Voice search

User habits are changing, with voice-activated searches gaining prominence. Instead of typing queries, users prefer asking questions directly these days. Therefore, we can expect a surge in voice search plugins as developers cater to this shift in online behaviour.

3. Mobile first

In South Africa alone, approximately 22 million smartphone users highlight the global prevalence of mobile device usage. The “mobile-first” trend is set to continue, prompting an influx of WordPress plugins geared towards enhancing mobile responsiveness in the months ahead.

4. Security to the max

With WordPress’s growing popularity, cybersecurity has become a pressing concern. Developers and hosting providers are consistently enhancing security features to safeguard against attacks and protect user data, recognising the platform as a prime target.

5. E-commerce

The booming global e-commerce market, projected to reach $8tn by 2026, underscores the need for businesses to establish a robust online presence. Fierce competition necessitates strategic investments in platforms and plugins to elevate the user experience.

6. Inclusivity and accessibility

Prioritising inclusive and accessible design benefits users with impairments and general audiences alike. The emergence of new WordPress plugins focused on simplicity and ease of use is anticipated, fostering a more user-friendly online environment.

7. Advanced WordPress hosting

Hosting plays an important role in UX. WordPress hosting allows hosting companies to tailor their services specifically for WordPress. While the quality of WordPress hosting may vary among providers, users can anticipate increased customisation and improved offerings from reputable hosting providers.

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Source: bizcommunity.com