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The High Court in Pretoria has dismissed Lotto licence challenger Gidani’s leave to appeal application with costs, according to rival Ithuba.

“Gidani’s latest application is a sequel to a number of unsuccessful attempts by them to claim an entitlement to operate the National Lottery,” Ithuba CEO Charmaine Mabuza said on Tuesday, 20 September 2016.

Gidani had instituted the legal action to challenge Ithuba’s capacity to discharge the current licence holder’s ambitious mandate to “reinvigorate” the Lotto.

The case has been heard before the High Court in Pretoria, and in March 2015 the Supreme Court of Appeal had rejected Gidani’s leave to appeal application, saying it had “no reasonable prospects of success” and that there was no “other compelling reason” to hear it.

However, Gidani proceeded with its application to the high court, maintaining that Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies awarding the Lotto licence to Ithuba, Gidani’s successor and the third operator, was irrational.

“Ithuba’s gaming portfolio has already contributed over R1bn to the National Lottery Distribution Fund. Ithuba promised to invigorate the Lottery and increase player participation by offering higher rewards. To date, there have been over 500-million tickets sold and more than R2.4bn has been paid out to all winners. Ithuba is delighted that the National Lottery is seeing increasing player participation,” said Mabuza.

Source: BDpro via I-Net Bridge