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Media Measure, an African media compliance and marketing insights business operating in nine African countries, has received investment from E2 Investments.

Sawa Nakagawa, CEO of E2 Investment.

This investment is part of E2 Investment’s objective to create jobs and attack poverty, through investing in Allan Gray Fellows’ businesses. This is the second technology company that Ehas invested in during recent months.

“E2 is excited to be supporting Media Measure in its entrepreneurial journey,” says Sawa Nakagawa, CEO of E2. “We look for entrepreneurs such as Media Measure’s founder Naeem Ganey who show drive, vision, and value-alignment.”

Founded by an Allan Gray Fellow Naeem Ganey, Media Measure uses its technology to monitor radio and television channels on behalf of clients that have purchased advertising slots from these channels. The business then develops post-campaign compliance reports which detail if clients’ advertisements have been aired in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.

“We ensure that advertising complies with the regulatory environment and that adverts are aired according to their booking schedules,” says Ganey. For example, if any adverts are not aired, aired incorrectly or among competitor brands in the same slot, clients can be compensated. Ganey says: “This ensures clients get the true value of their investment in radio and TV advertising.”

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Media Measure’s founder Naeem Ganey.

Media Measure’s founder Naeem Ganey.

E2Investment’s Media Measure investment not only includes funding, but also access to expertise, tools, and mentors. “E2 supports Allan Gray Fellows at different stages of their business cycle – this includes patient capital, as well as post-investment support,” continues Nakagawa.

Allan Gray Fellows are the graduates of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, which invests in the education and development of young individuals with entrepreneurial potential within southern Africa.

“Our focus is on transformation – by providing a combination of funding and an active post-investment support to our investee companies, E2 looks to make a difference and be part of a prosperous South Africa,” Nakagawa says.

Ganey acknowledges the positive role that E2 plays in his personal and entrepreneurial journey. “E2 gives me access to a number of people who I can go to for advice and counsel,” he says. “This is important both for the business and for me personally. There’s just something about knowing that there are people out there who have your back.”

Ganey is enthusiastic about the growth plans for Media Measure across the continent. The business currently operates in Rwanda, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Malawi.

“I am excited about the opportunity with Eto develop tech in Africa. I believe in our country’s and our continent’s ability to develop our own solutions.”