Google renames Bard, goes all in on Gemini with new subscription plan

Google renamed Bard, gets into its Gemini era

Gemini Advanced, which is powered by Ultra 1.0 – a state-of-the-art AI model that is said to be far more capable at highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions and collaborating on creative projects than its predecessor – is capable of outperforming human experts on a broad spectrum of subjects.

These new capabilities can be accessed through a new Google One AI Premium subscription plan that includes other AI features and expanded storage. Google is also integrating Gemini models into its products for businesses and developers, such as Workspace.

Gemini Advanced is available as part of the new Google One AI Premium subscription plan for R430/month, starting with a two-month trial at no cost.

This plan, launching in SA next week, bundles these latest advancements, along with all the benefits of the existing Google One Premium plan, such as 2TB of storage.

In addition, AI Premium subscribers will also be able to use Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets and more.

“Developers have been fundamental to every major technology shift and will play an equally important role in the Gemini ecosystem. Hundreds of thousands of developers and businesses have already been building with Gemini models,” Pichai explained.

“While today is about Gemini Advanced and its new capabilities, next week we’ll share more details on what’s coming for developers and Cloud customers.”

In the Gemini era

Following the January rollout and global expansion of Bard with Gemini Advanced, users will now have access to a renamed experience for the chatbot that’s powered by updated generative AI capabilities.

Users can access Gemini on their phones, through a new app on Android and inside the Google app on iOS at a later date. Desktop access is through a web browser at the Gemini Advanced page, which, confusingly, offers access to Ultra 1.0.

Google has emphasised its responsible approach to bringing this technology to the world. The company has conducted extensive trust and safety checks, as well as fine-tuning and reinforcement learning, based on human feedback.

Gemini is currently rolling out in the US in English and will soon be available in more locations and languages.