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Understanding our identity through modern society’s cultural lens is critical in our journey to figuring out who we are and what our more significant role is. Viceroy, a brand deeply rooted in local cultural heritage, has set a tone and platform to allow for conversation that reinforces the importance of our roots and allows South Africans to air their views and share their experiences.

Unpacking identity on the Viceroy Vul'Umlomo: Conversations on Culture

“In the first episode, we discussed what culture is and the different components that contribute to it. During episode two, we took a closer look at some of the traditions, practices and expectations South Africans encounter in culture and how these affect their pockets. In the latest instalment, identity is being interrogated through the African lens. Questioning who can claim Africa as their culture and whether or not today’s generation is equipped enough to start passing culture on to the new generation,” says Richard Papo, marketing manager for Viceroy.

Viceroy prides itself in the Vul’umlomo: Conversations on Culture series because it provides South Africans with a platform where they can freely share their cultural views. As we transcend to a society driven by modern developments, it is vital for this conversation to remain active so that even the newer generations can learn and adapt.

The third episode was launched on Viceroy’s YouTube channel from 16 September, with Robert Marawa confidently moderating the discussion once again. We have two new panellists joining the familiar faces of Mbuso Khoza and Dr Bishop Jessica Mbangeni, namely, Anele Siswana, a registered clinical psychologist who looks at the intersectionality of manhood, masculinity and homosexuality within the context of culture and tradition. As well as Sinqobile Aderinoye, a clinical psychologist whose experience in her African practice and marriage creates a textured dynamic for the discussion, approaches the conversation with conviction and passion that contributes to how we view ourselves as Africans.

“The latest session in the series focuses on topics relevant to our current society. We’re interrogating matters that concern queerness and gender expression, Degrees of Africanism and the importance of passing on culture to the next generation,” added Papo.

View the episode here:

The public can participate in the discussions by posting their questions and comments on Twitter @Viceroy_SA, Instagram and Facebook @ViceroySouthAfrica with the hashtag #Vulumlomo.

View the episode here:

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Unpacking identity on the Viceroy Vul'Umlomo: Conversations on Culture

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