Igniting social entrepreneurship

In order to address the challenges in South Africa in a true and authentic way, it is imperative that we, as South Africans, recognise the essence of social entrepreneurship and take advantage of the opportunities that it offers in real life.

It is also imperative that we recognise and distinguish between being an entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur and realise that being a social entrepreneur does not necessarily always imply working solely for charity and the community. A social entrepreneur recognises the needs of society and with forethought and deep understanding thereof utilises what he/she has recognised in order to create a viable enterprise that implements solutions and answers to society’s needs. It must also be recognised that profit is essential, to any venture’s sustainability.

Our Constitution, with its particular focus on freedom, human dignity and equality paves the way for social entrepreneurs in our country as the challenges of poverty and unemployment in particular, provide us with those stimuli to service our communities. And we can improve unemployment and build a good business at the same time! Every business should begin with a higher purpose (the why)… the vision (the what) and mission (the how) will develop from its reason for existence. Basing a business model on societal needs provides you with purpose from the very word go and your business model will be utilised to authentically add meaning in terms of society’s needs.

Our history that relates to home-ownership… or rather the lack thereof in some communities, is an extremely powerful and inspiring platform to ignite entrepreneurship in this sphere. And what is more, this all fits into the bigger picture of global goals for sustainable development throughout the world. We are not alone. We need to grasp this opportunity, make a difference and change our world. Mine is igniting real estate business opportunities in order to develop skills, create jobs and promote home-ownership through education, what is yours? Join us at The 6th African Entrepreneurs Conference where we will be unpacking the subject matter future. The African Entrepreneurs Team is saying come let us do business. Register today to secure your seat.

Conference rates:
– Regular price: R3,000
– VIP Price R6,000
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Owner REDZetc Properties and Social Entrepreneur

Pam Snyman – Chartered Practitioner Real Estate (CPRE)

(MPhil, Dip Advanced Property Practice, Dip Property Investment & Valuation)
Board member of the SSETA
Chairperson Real Estate Services Chamber
Board member of the Property Charter Council
Board member of IEASA (WCape)

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