Is 2024 the year we unlock AInternal Communications?

Annual performance reviews are so 2023. In 2024, if you’re not strategising ways to create a more connected, engaged, and empowered workforce, powered by AI and driven by hyper-personalisation and real-time feedback, you’re speaking to the past, not the future. It’s time to look ahead to get ahead.

Think back 10 years, then just two. Remember how often you used the words “feedback”, “engagement” or “experience” when speaking about employees? Exactly. In the ever-evolving and fast-changing landscape of internal communications, staying ahead of the curve is not a strategy; it’s a necessity.

As we kick-off the new year, the dynamics of workplace communication are poised for a seismic shift, with the convergence of AI, immersive technologies, and a people-centric approach set to redefine the way we connect, engage, and inspire employees to bring their best selves to work.

Understanding the trends driving this is key to creating internal communications strategies that speak to 2024 and beyond.

Internal communications trends that will start redefining workplace interactions:

  1. AI-driven insights: The use of AI in internal communications is not new, but its potential to decode the intricate landscape of employee sentiments is reaching new heights.
  2. Chatbots: Want to foster a culture of accessibility while breaking down hierarchical barriers? Enter the Chatbot.
  3. Real-time feedback loops: The days of annual, even quarterly performance reviews are numbered. A recent Gallup survey revealed that 70% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were recognised in real-time.
  4. Hyper-personalisation: In a world where personalisation is king, connecting on a “deeper” level with your employees will become the norm. By tailoring messages to individual preferences and work styles you can create a more intimate connection between employees and the brand.
  5. Inclusive language AI: In the future, AI will play a pivotal role in promoting inclusivity. Advanced language models will be programmed to detect and rectify biased language, ensuring that internal communications reflect a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  6. Video-first culture: From CEO updates to team achievements, visual storytelling will be the preferred medium for Internal Communications going forward.
  7. Employee Generated Content (EGC): In the TikTok era of user-generated content, the old model of top-down communication is fast-fading. Employee-generated content continues to take the spotlight, empowering team members to share their experiences, ideas, and even achievements.
  8. Gamification: How do you turn mandatory and mundane work tasks into engaging challenges? Gamification. By injecting an element of gamification into internal communications, you can leverage fun elements like points, badges, and leader boards to add a layer of competition and motivate employees to participate in company-wide initiatives. It’s a win win.

When and how these trends become the norm in your organisation ultimately depends on you. The key, of course, is to make sure that your internal communications strategy knows how to strike a balance between human engagement and AI efficiency in a way that resonates with your people, workplace culture, and business strategy.

Because, at the end of the working day, these tools will only be as effective as the strategy that drives and supports them to connect, engage and empower your people.

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