Jacaranda FM and Pretoria Capitals T20 Cricket Team partner for exciting innings at SA20

Jacaranda FM has announced their support for the local cricket team, the Pretoria Capitals.

Image supplied: Jacaranda FM has announced its support of the Pretoria Capitals

“The opportunity to support Pretoria Capitals is an extension of our existing sponsorship strategy to sponsor local sports teams in Gauteng, and give this new and exciting cricket tournament the commercial support they need to thrive,” said Jane Ruinard, commercial manager at Jacaranda FM.

The Gauteng-based radio station has been one of the most consistent supporters of local sports and their professional franchises by sponsoring teams like the Titans cricket team for over 30 years, the Blue Bulls rugby team for over 15 years, and now recently adding the Pretoria Capitals to the company of fan favourites to support.

The sponsorship deal was concluded in mid-December last year and will continue throughout the one-month SA20 tournament, with the outlook to continue the relationship in the future.

“Our commercial approach to partnerships with other brands is deeply rooted in the relationships we develop and the impact we can make together – this is how the Pretoria Capitals sponsorship came about. After being introduced to the team by the Titans, we quickly found synergy and knew that this was a wonderful opportunity to support a sport our listeners are highly engaged in,” added Ruinard.

The SA20 will bring the exciting IPL format to local teams who will battle it out on local soil to be crowned the SA20 champions at the final on 11 February at Wanders Stadium in Johannesburg.

In 2022, Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels sponsored a unique youth football team called the Peace Lovers FC in a bid to support aspiring young players by sponsoring the young men with a new kit, tournament fees, and an inspirational surprise as they wore their new kits during a Youth Day exhibition match against a few football legends.

“Sports culture is an important facet to the Jacaranda FM community and we’re very excited to bring this explosive cricket exhibition to our audience, and our audience to the fanfare and excitement of T20 cricket with a home-grown team to root for if you’re from the Jacaranda city. We have all been united, moved, and inspired by our country’s sports men and women. Sport can teach teamwork, accountability, strategy, perseverance, leadership and develop healthy habits; these values are worth pursuing through commercial sponsorship deals like this one as these values echo our community sentiment,” concludes Ruinard.

Source: bizcommunity.com