Kommetjie’s Imhoff Farm repositioned to provide mixed-use offering

Despite construction slowing down during the national Covid-19 lockdown, renovation and restoration work on the 277-year-old Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie progressed with several new retail offerings and attractions set for completion in spring this year.

Found along Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula, the farmstead and its historic werf (farmyard) are being sensitively revived to incorporate its new additions. The second phase of the redevelopment – which started in mid-2019 – will introduce a goat tower, stables and paddock, restrooms, parking, a relocated petting farm and a local craft beer taproom.

With its new customer experience and tenant mix, Red Cliff Property – owner-developers of the property – aim to appeal to locals and visitors alike. “Rather than a touristic show farm or wine estate catering mostly for tourists and day visitors that shuts down at night and low-season, we want to provide locals a retail destination which serves their daily needs and offers a contemporary and convenient hub for socialising and entertainment,” explains Gerhard van der Horst, MD of Red Cliff Property.

Adaptive reuse of historic buildings

“We take our responsibility to retain the farm’s sense of place very seriously and have consulted with architects, historians, designers and local stakeholders to ensure that the farm can continue to grow with the needs of our community while meeting the necessary environmental and historical requirements,” explains Van der Horst.

The architectural heritage components, including the original manor house, werf and some out-buildings, have all been restored and re-painted to highlight heritage elements and architectural details with white-trim. The choice of lime wash used to paint the complex is a natural, biscuity colour and not the common white one would expect on a Cape Dutch Farm.

The reason for this is two-fold explains Van Der Horst, “Firstly, it is practical as it shows less dirt and dust and secondly, some significant heritage buildings like the Castle of Good Hope are painted in a similar colour to reduce the glare and heat from the African sun. It makes for a softer and cooler werf which on the coastline in Kommetjie can get blindingly bright in summer.”

Office pavilion to open in 2021

The first of four office pavilions is currently being constructed with completion set for early in the new year. Once completed, the office space will become home to Red Cliff Property and other local-based businesses offering A-grade offices with a unique rural aspect. This part of the farm is adjacent to a site earmarked for residential development of which the public participation process kicked off in July this year.

Source: bizcommunity.com