‘Less Drama’ campaign is a change from traditional real estate marketing

Leadhome, the online estate agency that’s revolutionising the South African real estate landscape – has dropped a number of ads in its new ‘Less Drama’ marketing campaign. The first ad developed in this campaign features a hilarious mix-up between a liquor store owner and a customer and was created to stand out in the traditional, stiff, world of real estate marketing.

Stephan Bredell, head of marketing at Leadhome says that the business model aims to take the drama out of the residential property buying and selling process, and so their new campaign revolves around scenarios that could be infinitely less dramatic. And, the very clever directive to ‘tag your over-dramatic friend’ is ensuring that their ads are getting organic reach across social platforms – something that all brands with tight budgets aspire to do.

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Bredell explains that the decision to add a brand awareness campaign to their already successful lead generation advertising has enabled the business to go in a completely different direction from the industry. “We’ve done the research and we’ve identified our target ‘sweetspot’, which is fairly young and which doesn’t necessarily respond to serious messaging. And obviously, buying and selling a home isn’t something you do every day, so it makes sense to move towards brand awareness. When the time comes to enter the residential market, working with Leadhome should be a no-brainer.”

However, Bredell adds that the campaign is also introducing a retail message: Fair; Fixed fees; Less drama; Sell your home for as little as R24,995.

The quirky, quintessentially South African tone was conceived by Bennie Fourie and Bouwer Bosch of Freckle, who also star in the liquor store ad and produced it. “Freckle has a proven track record of creating the kind of relatable humour we’re after,” says Bredell. “Also, it makes great financial sense to keep all the origination and production costs under one umbrella. We have already launched another three ads in this campaign and we’re excited about our role in shaking up the industry.”

Source: bizcommunity.com