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Microsoft is a well-established technology brand, like other industry-dominating companies such as Apple and Google. Microsoft is leading the business and consumer market for the most premium Windows devices.

Included in their line of hardware, Microsoft launched Surface Go and Pro tablets. The Surface provided the functionality of a computer with the convenience of a tablet. Making the Surface the perfect multiuse Windows device for users.

Enhancing the multiuse and high functionality further, MobileDemand created the rugged xCase and bundles. The rugged xCase is designed to be used in the highest risk and hazardous environments. Additionally, the Microsoft Designed for Surface certified xCase can be designed bespoke for specific operations.

MobileWorxs, PDC and MobileDemand are promoting the Surface by hosting the Microsoft DfS Next Gen event in South Africa.

If you’re a Surface reseller based in South Africa, the Microsoft DfS event is not to be missed. Featuring a variety of presentations promoting new concepts focused on the Surface tablet. It’s an opportunity for resellers to learn, transform and be inspired.

Why should you join us?

Benefit 1: Learning about Surface with Microsoft keynote speaker

One of the reasons you should attend the Surface event is because we’ll be joined by Microsoft product marketing manager in South Africa, Sibusiso Tyaty, responsible for the development of Surface within the enterprise, Tyatya will be explaining the Surface solutions and providing insight into the future generation of Surface tablets in South Africa.

Benefit 2: Applying the Surface to different vertical markets

If you’re a Surface reseller, it’s paramount to understand the customer that you want to engage with. This means acknowledging multiple aspects of behaviour and demographics. Although there is a common belief that the Surface is used for study in classrooms and offices, expanding ideas on how the Surface can be applied will increase sales opportunities.

The Microsoft DfS event will thoroughly provide insight into issues and goals that are faced within specific vertical markets. Additionally, explaining how to combat those challenges and provide solutions that can benefit the end user operations and the business revenue.

MobileWorxs and MobileDemand will present the Surface xCase and the supported accessories, detailing how each variant can be applied to frontline worker practices

Benefit 3: Find out about the MobileWorxs partner programme (and why you should join)

Joining the event gives you an opportunity to learn about the MobileWorxs Partner Programme. MobileWorxs will be explaining the partner on-boarding processes, discussing how they can nurture and support resellers by providing a range of benefits such as the new partner portal facility.

Benefit 4: Meet other Surface resellers with networking lunch

At the end of the presentations, MobileWorxs and PDC are hosting a lunch to give all visitors the opportunity to refresh and re-energise after listening to the various speakers. This will enable visitors to discuss with other resellers and give feedback on the event.