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When a consumer turns the bottle over and it says “bottled by The Beverage Company” they should know it is bottled with magic, precision and holds fizzy flavour, produced in the most sustainable way.

After forging a partnership with PepsiCo in 2018, BevCo has been the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of choice. We aim to bring the Pepsi portfolio to the local market with campaigns and offerings that impact and enhance the lives of South African consumers. Consumers are spoilt with choice, choice of every product from a variety of brands on the shelves of every retailer they step into. While constrained consumers are starting to re-evaluate these choices, they are turning to products with an affordable price point, with no compromise on quality.

BevCo provides exclusive manufacturing, distribution, and marketing services to the PepsiCo brand portfolio; this includes Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light, Mountain Dew, 7UP Free and Mirinda. Working with PepsiCo, together with our own research and development teams, we are focused on leveraging the most innovative technology available and designing packaging that is of the lightest possible weight. Being one of the first players in the South African market to trial rPET in our 2Lt preforms. We are honoured to be the Pepsi service provider of choice in SA and to be a part of their aggressive pursuit of creating sustainable packaging solutions.

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When a thirst needs quenching, so many simply reach for what they know, what is there, what they can see before them. Refreshment shouldn’t be an auto-pilot option – and now it no longer needs to be. Exit the auto-pilot mode and choose the fizz that can be found at your fingertips. Pepsi, a much-loved brand is ready with a brand-new fleet, primed and positioned to change the refreshment game for South Africans. From one corner of our country to the other – Blouberg to Johannesburg, city to strand, informal market to hypermarket, this Pepsi fleet is delivering the bolder side of Pepsi into the hands of every single South African.

Our sweeping country-wide Pepsi fleet brings this brand maximum fizz when temperatures are at an all-time high and stock on shelves simply can’t be at an all-time low. The new fleet has a vast presence across distribution channels that takes Pepsi right to the heart of any distribution centre, so that shelves can be consistently stocked to meet the needs of a market demanding maximum Pepsi refreshment.

When you see our fleet on highways, in loading bays, night and day, it is our commitment that Pepsi is back with a bang and here to stay – and will always be available for your customers.

The Pepsi fleet is not only committed to bringing the fizz to tantalise South Africa’s taste buds, but also a sign of BevCo’s commitment to making an economic contribution that will have resounding positive ripple effects across our country.

With visibility comes stability as the brand becomes entrenched and loyal consumers demand more, our growth becomes our country’s growth.

We are ready to move Pepsi in new, bold and beautifully branded distribution trucks that echo the refreshing, fun and vibrant flavour across the nation. Delivering Pepsi to the consumers that are ready to live for the now and experience something new.

Pepsi… for the love of it.

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