Prasa spends R2.1bn on rail infrastructure in Gauteng

The recent Brics discussions held in Johannesburg echoed sentiments of unity, collaboration, and mutual growth. For the local advertising and marketing community of South Africa, these deliberations should hold immense potential, setting the stage for lucrative opportunities.

Image supplied. Musa Kalenga, group CEO, The Brave Group, says the recent BRICS meeting sets the stage for lucrative opportunities for the creative industry…

Central to the Brics charter is fostering economic cooperation. As these countries build stronger ties, trade barriers are set to diminish.

As businesses expand across Brics nations, they will require sophisticated marketing insights to navigate unfamiliar terrains. Agencies equipped with local knowledge and global perspectives stand to benefit immensely.


  1. Cultural immersion
  2. Collaboration
  3. Redefining consumerism
  4. Technological cooperation
  5. Overcoming complex regulatory environments
  6. Aligning with global causes
  7. Global best practices

The question, of course, is will the local industry rise to the challenge?