The 2023/2024 Ask Afrika Icon Brands winners announced

The 2023/2024 Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ winners were announced at an insightful webinar hosted on 5 February 2024. Brands can rightly boast about the honour of achieving this coveted Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ status.

“Not all brands reach Icon Brand status. Only 52 brands achieved this honour in 2023/2024. A further 50 brands were awarded platinum status, likely winners in future. Also, not all categories had Icon brands, as can be expected,” says Maria Petousis, executive: TGI and Benchmarks.

The Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ are defined as brands that are loved and trusted by South Africans. The benchmark survey celebrates brands across 195 product categories, and thousands of brands across hundreds of product categories were included in the initial analysis. This contextualises the prestige of being recognised as an Icon Brand.

The 2023/2024 Ask Afrika Icon Brands winners announced
The 2023/2024 Ask Afrika Icon Brands winners announced

The TGI Survey, a strategic, syndicated Usage and Attitude survey, forms the basis from which the Icon Brands results are sourced. The survey is the largest of its kind in South Africa, covering 18 sectors, hundreds of product categories and thousands of brands included in the measurement. 24,760 consumers were surveyed representing 28,680,000 adult South African consumers, and the data was weighted using Statistics South Africa’s mid-year population estimates.

Why brands achieve brand icon status

Lucky Star, Kiwi and Coca-Cola, the top three achievers of Icon Brand status all have an exceptional understanding of consumers, innovative spirit, and strong emotional connections. These brands have high levels of trust, quality, and consistency, and deliver products that resonate with lifestyles, bringing smiles to faces and contributing positively to communities.

Lucky Star’s major differentiator in claiming the top position is the successful conversion from awareness to being in the basket of the consumer.

How are the winners determined?

Icon, Platinum and Category Winners

Brands’ scores are calculated based on different metrics for distinct product categories as loyalty metrics differ for disparate markets. Where sample size allows, a unique brand and product category focus is provided.

The 2023/2024 Ask Afrika Icon Brands winners announced

Brands should bring joy

“It is no secret that consumers, locally and abroad, are living through a tough time. Society is fatigued from too much bad news and too little hope, looking for escape, positivity, and humour. Successful brands are helping people through these tough times by transporting them to emotion-inducing experiences. It is unsurprising in today’s times of uncertainty that people are looking for more forms of both escapism and sense-making of the world. We coined this the Joy Preposition,” says Petousis.

TGI data supports the importance of brands enabling these emotion-inducing experiences:

  • People who are likely to buy from brands that bring them a sense of joy has doubled over time.
  • 89% of people see fun as a necessity that keeps them going in tough times.
  • 83% of consumers seek out experiences that bring them joy and happiness.

“We researched 235 brands, and a third of these had a slogan with an emotional tone, mostly from the food or consumable products industry. Many of these brands achieved Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ status,” Petousis explains.

Not only knowing, but understanding

With consumers having very little control over life-changing factors and events like wars, interest rate and price increases and load shedding, they are making their life circles smaller. “The ‘me’ is at the centre of their universes, which means that the customer should be at the centre of every brand. Knowing your customer is insufficient. Marketers should evolve from knowing to understanding customers, and the role their brand plays in the life the consumer is trying to live. This makes the use of data and insights to develop deep segmentation and marketing precision crucial for business success,” Petousis concludes.

Companies that would like to purchase bespoke Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ reports can contact Maria Petousis at [email protected].

Category Brand Rank
Tinned fish Lucky Star 1
Shoe polish Kiwi 2
Carbonated soft drinks/colas Coca-Cola 3
Tinned fruit Koo 4
Liquid antiseptics Dettol 5
Powder mixes Drink O Pop 6
Dishwashing liquids/ dish soap (for washing dishes by hand) Sunlight 7
Tinned/canned beans Koo 8
Toothpaste Colgate 9
Yeast Gold Star 10
Tinned vegetables Koo 11
TOOTHBRUSHES -Manual toothbrush Colgate 12
Feminine sanitary products pads towels Always 13
Paint Dulux 14
Spreads: peanut butter Black Cat 15
Dishwashing detergents (for use in an electric dishwashing machine)  Sunlight 16
Hand sanitizers Dettol 17
Breakfast cereals (hot) -oats Jungle Oats 18
Anti-allergy remedies Allergex 19
Insecticides or insect repellents Doom 20
Energy tablet Berocca 21
Tinned meat Bull Brand 22
Banks/financial institutions Capitec Bank 23
Pasta Fatti’s and Moni’s 24
Household bleaches Jik 25
Mageu / maheu Mageu No 1 26
Maas or buttermilk – buttermilk Dewfresh 27
Stock products Knorrox 28
Spreads: jams or marmalades All Gold 29
Flavoured water (including herbal and premium) Aquelle 30
Wine – bottled& boxed table wine 4th Street 31
Feminine sanitary products – liners Always 32
Mobile phone devices Samsung 33
Sport drinks Powerade 34
Powdered creamers. Coffee/tea Nestlé Cremora 35
Shopping for groceries Shoprite 36
Disposable razors Gillette 37
Fabric conditioners/softeners Sta-soft 38
Telecommunications MTN 39
Sugar and artificial sweeteners (sugar) Huletts 40
Frozen fish products I&J 41
Custard-powder Moir’s 42
Baking aids-baking powder Royal 43
Baking aids-essence and colourants Robertsons 44
Fresh milk Clover 44
Evaporated milk Nestlé Ideal Milk 46
Feminine sanitary products- tampons Kotex 47
Sport drinks Energade 48
Chewable energy sweets Turbovite 49
Baking aids-essence and colourants Moir’s 50
Sachets energy Bioplus 51
Condensed milk Nestlé 52