Unlocking investment magic: Beekman Group’s hidden gems

With the start of a new year, you may be contemplating strategic investments for your future. Investing in a holiday home has the benefit of a much-needed leisure escape during the year, while at the same time giving you opportunities for return on your investment.

Source: Supplied. San Martinho Beach Club in Mozambique.

Traditional holidays often include the stress of planning and budgeting, but by investing in a sectional title from The Beekman Group these elements can be alleviated.

There are four established holiday resorts that offer attractive investment opportunities: Cayley Mountain Resort, The Kingdom Resort, Menlyn Mix, and San Martinho Beach Club.

How to get the best out of both worlds by investing in leisure

The Beekman Group’s investment model across all the luxurious destinations mentioned above is straightforward yet revolutionary. By purchasing a sectional-title unit in one or more of these high-demand locations within South Africa and Mozambique that are priced from R1,340 838 – your unit becomes part of a short-term letting pool.

This letting pool is managed by Beekman Group, ensuring hassle-free ownership and robust occupancy rates. Investors receive monthly returns linked to the resort’s occupancy and the size of their unit, with up to 12% annual net returns.

Furthermore, you’ll get up to 14 weeks of personal holiday use, and the ability to exchange weeks at other resorts! This unique investment offers a unique blend of passive income and personal enjoyment. The Beekman Group’s proven track record of over 50 years in property development and leisure ensures its investors a stable and rewarding investment.

A mountain retreat in the Drakensberg: Cradled within the majestic Drakensberg Mountains, Cayley Mountain Resort is a lifestyle-oriented mountain holiday destination. Graded as a 4-star establishment by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA), the resort offers a diverse range of experiences including scenic hiking trails, guided quad-biking adventures, an inflatable waterpark and a rejuvenating Body Bliss Day Spa.

Winner of South Africa’s Leading Lifestyle Resort for 2023 for a second year in a row at the World Travel Awards, Cayley Mountain Resort is an unexpected treasure that leaves all its visitors enchanted.

Family-oriented bliss in Pilanesberg: Revelling against the majestic backdrop of Pilanesberg, The Kingdom Resort elevates the concept of family vacations with its expansive accommodations and a variety of family-oriented activities.

Accredited as an esteemed 4-star establishment by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA), the resort introduces guests to a unique rare game experience and exhilarating adventures, including quad biking and hiking.

Featuring a waterpark, interactive children’s activities, and enchanting open-air movie nights, The Kingdom Resort seamlessly merges excitement and tranquillity amid the natural beauty of Pilanesberg.

Recently crowned as South Africa’s premier family resort for 2023, the resort stands out for its inclusive family offerings, encompassing roomy accommodations, a diverse array of activities catering to all ages, and the pioneering rare game experience.

The Kingdom Resort transcends the typical destination serving as a portal to creating lifelong family memories in the unspoiled allure of the African wilderness.

A coastal haven in Mozambique: Cross borders with this wonderful gem, nestled in the heart of Bilene, Mozambique, San Martinho Beach Club which beckons with its spacious accommodations, making it an ideal haven for families seeking a beachfront escape.

Graded as a 4-star establishment by Mozambique’s Instituto Nacional do Turismo, this resort offers not just a place to stay but an experience. From sunbathing on pristine beaches to fishing excursions in the Indian Ocean, every moment is crafted for relaxation and adventure. With new private villas currently under construction on the marina, San Martinho Beach Club is the perfect destination to invest in today.

Source: Supplied. Cayley Mountain Resort, Drakensberg Mountains.

Source: Supplied. Cayley Mountain Resort, Drakensberg Mountains.

For the savvy investor: Menlyn Mix presents an enticing opportunity for secure holidays within a comprehensive and all-inclusive environment.

Currently in the off-plan phase, the development offers a range of sectional-title opportunities across one-, two, and three-bedroom apartments, meeting the high demand for investment in Menlyn Maine.

Anticipated features include a pool and communal outdoor area, ensuring a sought-after leisure experience. The units will boast contemporary features and fittings, providing a modern touch to the living spaces.

This business-focused investment not only allows for personal enjoyment but also ensures reliable monthly returns throughout the year. Situated close to Menlyn Maine’s dynamic shopping and restaurant scene in Pretoria, Menlyn Mix offers convenient access to ample amenities, providing the perfect setting for corporate travellers as well as those seeking a weekend getaway.

Menlyn Mix is poised to earn a well-deserved 4-star rating for its outstanding facilities and amenities, and as an off-plan development, it represents a forward-looking investment opportunity in the heart of Menlyn Maine in Pretoria.

Source: bizcommunity.com