EcoFlow launches new portable power stations in energy-starved SA

EcoFlow’s Delta 2

Chinese energy solutions provider EcoFlow has launched three new portable power stations in South Africa, seeking to service a market hungry for such solutions in the face of state-owned Eskom’s crippling power cuts.

EcoFlow, whose products are distributed locally by Mustek-owned Rectron, said the Delta 2, River 2 and River 2 Max products are designed for a market like South Africa, which “finds itself in the grips of an electricity crisis”.

The company, which was founded six years ago, claims the new Delta 2 series can power 90% of home appliances by outputting up to 1.8kW of power (and up to 2.2kW in an “X-boost” mode). Both the Delta 2 and River 2 series can be fully charged in under two hours – quick enough to get a 100% full battery between load shedding windows.

Unsurprisingly, South Africa has become one of EcoFlow’s more important markets. The company’s products are designed as a backup for load shedding as well as for professional and leisure use – for example, to take camping when no other power sources are available.

The Delta 2, which costs R25 000, can power 13 devices simultaneously, including high-power-draw items like hair dryers, kettles and microwave ovens. It can quick-charge to 80% power in 50 minutes and 100% in 80 minutes, EcoFlow said. “This is especially important for South Africans during load shedding,” a company spokesman said at a launch event in Johannesburg on Thursday.


The device has a 1kW lithium-ion battery that can be expanded to up to 3kW with additional battery packs (at an extra cost). It can also be charged via solar panels (also sold separately), with recharges taking between three and six hours. Portable solar panels range in power from 110W to 400W and cost between R6 200 and R21 000.

The Delta 2’s battery is rated for 3 000 cycles.

Delta 2 can power up to 13 devices at once and can even run a washing machine for several hours, the company said.

The River 2 series is also good for 3 000 charging cycles and comes in three models: the River 2 base version, the River 2 Max and the River 2 Pro, offering up to 768Wh of stored energy. The three units weigh 3.5kg, 6kg and 7.8kg, respectively.

EcoFlow’s River 2

The base model costs R7 000, while the Max goes for R13 000. No local pricing is for the Pro, which will be launched in South Africa in May, is available yet.

The base-model River 2 has a capacity of 256Wh, a rated output of 300W (X-boost 600W) and five power outlets. The River 2 Max can generate an output of 500W (X-boost 1kW), with a battery capacity of 512Wh and nine outlets.  – © 2023 NewsCentral Media

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