More Joburg suburbs to keep power during load shedding

Eskom is rolling out its load limiting project, which is aimed at optimising electricity consumption, to more suburbs in Johannesburg. This follows the project’s implementation in Fourways, in the north of Johannesburg.

According to the power utility, load limiting aims to better balance the supply and demand of electricity during stages 1-4 of load shedding.

“Through load limiting measures during stages 1-4, customers’ electricity capacity will be reduced from 60/80A to 10A. This will allow customers to continue with the minimal use of electricity for essential appliances such as lights, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, fridges and security systems.

“An hour before the start of load shedding, Eskom will prompt customers to reduce their consumption to 10A by sending a message to their cellphone. The system will provide the customer with four opportunities to reduce their consumption. Thereafter, if the load has not been reduced, the meter will automatically switch off the electricity supply for 30 minutes before supply is restored,” Eskom said.

The next areas where the project is due to be implemented in Johannesburg are Buccleuch, Kelvin, Paulshof, Marlboro, Sunninghill and Waterfall, where customers use smart meters.

“The initiative focuses on select customers with smart meters, as these have the technical functionality to be controlled remotely.”

10A limit

“The power utility urges all its customers with compatible meters, where load limiting will be implemented, to support the initiative, which ensures that they continue to have electricity for the duration of load shedding.

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“The success of the project depends on the partnership between Eskom and the cooperation of customers, and their willingness to reduce their electricity consumption to below 10A,” Eskom said.

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