TCS | Pretoria firm Hydrox Holdings in global hydrogen ‘breakthrough’

Corrie de Jager

South African firm Hydrox Holdings has developed a new way of extracting hydrogen for use in cars and other applications that it believes will help usher in a new era of plentiful clean energy for the world.

The company, based in Pretoria, has won a number of awards and other accolades for its patented “breakthrough” in hydrogen production, which involves extracting hydrogen from water use a “membrane-less” electrolyser technology that it has developed and now patented globally.

Corrie de Jager, CEO and founder of Hydrox Holdings, joins the TechCentral Show to chat about the progress the company has made in recent years in developing the technology — and why he is now looking for investors to help commercialise it.

De Jager, who has been working on the technology for more than two decades, claims the technology could help move the world to non-polluting and mass-scale hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars more quickly by dramatically reducing the cost of producing hydrogen from water.

In this episode of TCS, De Jager unpacks:

  • Where the idea to build a membrane-less electrolyser came from;
  • The proofs of concept the company has launched;
  • The hurdles that Hydrox’s team has had to overcome while developing the technology;
  • The cost and production advantages of membrane-less electrolysers;
  • Why hydrogen could be the next big thing in the field of energy production;
  • What’s stopping the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars; and
  • Where Hydrox plans to take the technology and how it intends to commercialise it.

Don’t miss a fascinating interview about a potentially ground-breaking South African innovation.

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